6 Digital Privacy Hacks

Social Media and digital technology are marvels of the modern age. But what companies know about you, what data you allow them to collect may shock you. How can you keep a potential employer from seeing your smoking hot selfie collection? How do you keep banks from using your search history to approve you for a loan? Some information should remain private, here are 6 ways to protect yourself:


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Is Search Incognito Safe?

Search Incognito is a Browser Extension

The Search Incognito extension that’s available from our website is a browser extension. This means that every time we release a new version it is scrutinized by the teams at both Mozilla and Google to ensure that we abide by their policies.

Being a browser extension also means that the Search Incognito extension is easily removable. In fact we provide direct instructions on our website with how to remove Search Incognito should you find it unappealing. This removal is also based on the browsers extension system and Search Incognito is unable to leave any trace of itself on your machine.

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What’s Wrong with Using Google?

Google’s Mission Statement:

To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

That mission statement sounds great at first- if you want to know the local movie showtimes then having that information ‘universally accessible and useful’ is very convenient. However, consider how much data Google knows about you.

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Why Privacy Protection Matters

Why does privacy matter when you have nothing to hide? You probably tell yourself that there’s nothing to worry about when the government only collects data to catch criminals.


The truth is, it does matter! Our personal information is collected in almost every transaction that occurs offline and online. Banks and credit card companies record, store and track our purchasing habits. Not only do they know what we purchased, they also track and store the locations and times of the purchases.

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