Why Privacy Protection Matters

data privacy

Why does privacy matter when you have nothing to hide? You probably tell yourself that there’s nothing to worry about when the government only collects data to catch criminals.

The truth is, it does matter! Our personal information is collected in almost every transaction that occurs offline and online. Banks and credit card companies record, store and track our purchasing habits. Not only do they know what we purchased, they also track and store the locations and times of the purchases.

Companies claim that your personal information is secure from prying eyes and hackers. As we have see in recent years, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Case in point the 2013/2014 Target cyber-attack. It’s been estimated that over 40 million debit and credit card numbers were stolen during this attack. Millions of the card numbers were found and made available for purchase online by the cyber-criminals.

Steps need to be made both in the private and public sectors to ensure that our privacy is protected. Most importantly, we need to educate ourselves with the companies we deal with each and every day and what measures they have in place to ensure that our personal information is kept private and secure.


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