Is Search Incognito Safe?

Search Incognito is a Browser Extension

The Search Incognito extension that’s available from our website is a browser extension. This means that every time we release a new version it is scrutinized by the teams at both Mozilla and Google to ensure that we abide by their policies.

Being a browser extension also means that the Search Incognito extension is easily removable. In fact we provide direct instructions on our website with how to remove Search Incognito should you find it unappealing. This removal is also based on the browsers extension system and Search Incognito is unable to leave any trace of itself on your machine.

Search Incognito secures your search

Installing the Search Incognito extension adds a layer of security between your browser and the online world. We have advanced detection techniques to determine when your browser is going to make an insecure search and then we route that search to our custom search engine.

This search engine is 100% anonymous. We don’t store logs about any searches, we don’t store any information about where a user came from or was going, and we especially don’t store any information about the users themselves! Any claims that we store user information and build profiles to show targeted ads are completely slanderous.

Search Incognito is safe

We created Search Incognito to provide more privacy in the wake of the digital collection era. Constantly our online activities are being watched and valued. We have corporations putting dollar amounts on our head to sell to advertisers. We believe that the things you search for shouldn’t be used to target you. We believe in digital privacy.

Try the Search Incognito extension!


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