Apple vs. FBI

8 things you need to know about the battle between Privacy and Justice

Court Order: A U.S Judge in Riverside ruled in favor of the FBI and ordered Apple to help hack into an iPhone used by the gunman in the San Bernardino Terror Attacks. Basically they can’t break in without compromising the data inside.

FBI: The FBI is asking Apple to create a new operating system (that does not currently exist) that will circumvent the pass-code, allowing them access to the phone without risk to the data. This is to gather critical information on suspects that may be linked to the mass murders in San Bernardino.

Apple: In an open letter to its customers Apple explains that this is a dangerous precedent. What the FBI is asking them to do would potentially unlock any iPhone. Apple maintains that this would put all iPhone’s at risk, once the encryption can be defeated, that information can get into the wrong hands.

Global Impact: If Apple provides this information to the U.S. government then the precedent is set, they may be asked to provide the same information to other foreign governments like China.

Is this a Backdoor: A “backdoor” is a weak point that exists permanently in the security of a device or network. It remains there so that the government can get in as it needs. The issue with back doors is that the good guys and bad guys alike are now able to exploit the weakness. Apple argues that if you build a version of iOS that bypasses security that is a backdoor. If the ability exists there is no guarantee that it will only be used in this case.

Legal: All Writs Act of 1789 a rarely used law that allows judges to issue orders they deem necessary and appropriate.

People of San Bernardino: Many of the victim’s families are urging the company to comply with the order to help law enforcement. They fear that there may have been additional plots and others linked to the two terrorists.

Privacy vs Justice: The conflict between maintaining privacy for ordinary US citizens in the digital age and prosecuting or preventing crime is always going to exist. The easier it is to collect, maintain and monitor criminals, the more monitored you will be. Where that line is and how much we will sacrifice to stay safe, will be decided in cases such as this one.



Try This  One Way to Protect Your Privacy Online:

Don’t Use A Major Search Engine: Google collects and stores your searches, they tie your personal information, email, your address, photos, purchases, location to every search you make. Use a search engine that does not collect your personal information or store your search history Like Search Incognito.

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4 thoughts on “Apple vs. FBI

  1. Apple won’t have to be asked to supply it to China…. one of our fine upstanding politicians will provide it to them in exchange for a substantial campaign contribution. History repeats itself….


  2. This government has spent 10’s of billions of dollars for decades in black budget items to break encryption and break codes. If they can’t break apples encryption than those departments and employees should be closed and terminated and we should out source to Apple. Why doesn’t anyone every ask how is it everybody seems to securely encrypt and keep data secret EXCEPT for the government? They have the fastest super computers in the world. Imagine a two story building that is a block on each side that is a computer with tens of thousands of processors and more memory then you can imagine. The only reason that the government doesn’t break if they already haven’t is they do not want to reveal methods and capabilities to our enemies. Don’t be fooled! I will never trade rights and privacy for security. A MAN WHO WOULD TRADE RIGHTS FOR SECURITY DESERVES NEITHER. Benjamin Franklin Founding father and absolute genius.


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