Search Incognito and Search with Confidence

Search Incognito is a tool created for the sole purpose of protecting your privacy while you search the web.

What The Big Search Engines Don’t Tell You

Did you know that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and most other web search engines store every single search term you type? Your entire search history is kept for months in a way that is traceable back to you or those in your family. Additionally, the privacy policies of the most popular search providers state that your search history may be associated with any account or email address you maintain with them (think your Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo accounts).

Keep Your Searches Private

Privacy is in our DNA at Search Incognito. Searches on the internet can be highly private information that you might not want to reveal to others. Why give this information up willingly?

Search Incognito was designed specifically to protect you from the prying eyes of large corporations and allow you to search the web with confidence.

How Search Incognito Works To Protect You


» Intercept & Redirect

Search Incognito uses a very sophisticated process to detect when your searches are about to be tracked and stops them from processing. We then re-route your search to our servers where it will be served from a safe, untracked environment.


» Encryption & Evasion

Many search engines will track your keystrokes so that they may provide search suggestions. Search Incognito stops these requests from being made and ultimately, logged. We then use SSL to protect your results from being decrypted.


» Search Incognito Never Collects or Shares Personal Information

Search Incognito doesn’t collect, maintain or share any of your personal information. All agreements with our advertising partners are on the basis of complete anonymity for our users.

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